When the Fires Come by Kero Kero Bonito

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A fun and interesting mix of order and disorder natural lush sound and electronic music

Artists: Kero Kero Bonito

Album: Civilisation I

Tags: indie pop | art pop | electropop | pop | noise pop | bitpop | twee pop | hyperpop

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Added on: Thu Jan 25 2024

London band Kero Kero Bonito appeared on one of my explorations through different music back in 2015, and they've popped back in and out of my listening occasionally since. I think I stumbled across them again in 2020 while I was exploring Japanese Rap which was an inspiration for the band. It didn't quite catch me fully that time around, in part I think because they were working on what we'd eventually come to call a hyperpop sound and I hadn't really found an ear for that. This year I've been slowly finding myself going back to artists that are in or around that genre and as a result I found my way back to Kero Kero Bonito. I do enjoy a number of their songs, but this album hits the sweet spot right, making a fun bridge between some genres for me to travel.

The song itself is great, and I recommend the full album. It's such an eclectic sound, with the wide variety of electronica that is typical of hyperpop but also a lot of music and style from all over the map. I almost feel like this album was made for me, drawing specifically on a variety of influences that I've been getting into as well. This track is, perhaps, the most conventional--though that isn't really the right word for it, but it catches just as well and showcases their creativity in production as much and inspirations. Here you can hear their interest in Japanese instrumentation, synthpop, an almost vaporwave gloss over the top, and a slight nod toward modern pop.

It's a shame I wasn't more engaged with this band earlier, but I promise I'll be listening to them a lot more actively and often in the near future.