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I'm not sure what genre Jhariah's music falls into, post-Ska? Indie? Punk? But I really dig its complexity.

Artists: Jhariah


Tags: Alternative | Alternative Rock | Indie | Post-Ska | POV: Indie | Ska-esque | Brightpunk | No Genre, All Drama | Pop Punk | Dark Cabaret | Post-Emo

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Added on: Wed Jul 10 2024

I've been getting more and more into music that doesn't fall into traditional rhythms and musical patterns. Jhariah certainly defies typical categorization, some songs on the same album can sound like they come from different artists working in different genres and any one song has a mix of styles and sounds that can get truly wild.

This is the titular track off their latest album. I recommend the whole album and it was hard to pick a favorite track. The sliding genres of classical, dark cabaret, rock opera, rock and punk are a surprisingly great combination and also quite a demonstration of Jhariah's skill as an artist. The ending, which almost comes off like a cinematic theme or a march, is particularly memorable.

Jhariah clearly have a toe in pop punk as well, not just in this track but through their collaboration with modern-pop-punk band Pinkshift, one of my favorites new entrants that have been reviving the genre.

Interestingly, Spotify's primary classification of Jhariah is "POV: Indie". I have no idea what that means and it is one of the genres in Spotify that doesn't seem to have the normal playlist that describes it. It's not a perfect fit with the other songs that get classed that way. I've tried to put together a playlist of similar music, but it is thus far a mere 10 songs.

Anyway, I've really been enjoying their work, it's got such a unique sound at times that it really catches my ear, but the various tones, genres and instrumental styles are blended so well I can listen to it while I work.