Stick Season by Noah Kahan

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Toe tapping northern Americana

Artists: Noah Kahan

Album: Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever)

Tags: hat music | toe tapping | indie folk | folk | americana

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Added on: Fri Jan 26 2024

Look there's no arguing with this song. When you start listening to it some part of your body is going to start hopping or tapping. It's inescapable.

Found this song through Todd in the Shadows end of the year review which highlighted the equally great, though more popular single with Post Malone. I dove right into the album and instantly loved the whole thing.

Apparently this isn't my first encounter with Noah Kahan though, back in 2019 I was deep in... let's call it the 'sad girl with a ukelele' genre. I listened to a lot of mxmtoon, who is my break-away away favorite of all the musicians I explored at the time. I even saw her live, which was a little weird, that's likely the largest the age difference average has ever been between me and the majority of concertgoers at a show. Apparently they did a duet called Pride together that is pretty great and that is the first time I listened to anything having to do with Noah Kahan, it hit well for the tail end of Big COVID Times.

Todd made the point that this falls into a particular class of stomp and clap music like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers that he called "hat music" in the sense that usually the singer or band is wearing some sort of americana-esque hat. I like that. I don't think I can listen to that style of music all the time, but I enjoy the hell out of the highlights.