Nowhere by LOOP POOL

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Artists: LOOP POOL

Album: Now And Then

Tags: Japanese band | Progressive Jazz Rock | Jazz Fusion | Instrumental Math Rock

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Added on: Tue May 14 2024

The opening to this song just jams. I love the big deep sound of the upright base that then is immediately layered with the light almost-tapping drums. When this song comes on, it always makes me want to move my feet. The style in this track is just so quick paced. How it uses layers to keep from ever falling too deep into a rut is also great. The song just keeps building iteration on top of iteration and the organized chaos at the half way point is incredibly satisfying. Then it drops back into simplicity and does it all again.

I'm not sure how to describe exactly what this song does that feels so viscerally satisfying, but every time it comes on it really just lifts my spirits.

This band, LOOP POOL, is Japanese and self-classifies as Jazz Fusion, which is pretty broad. It's interesting to see a lot of people categorize them as Math Rock or Instrumental Math rock, it is complex enough that makes sense, but the improvisational feel, for this track at least, has me filing it under Progressive Jazz Rock in my own playlists.