More Human Than Human by Sune Rose Wagner

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Horror and cyberpunk electronica mesh well in this White Zombie cover.

Artists: Sune Rose Wagner

Album: Altered Carbon (Original Series Soundtrack)

Tags: cover | Cyberpunk | Danish | Spooky | Soundtrack

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Added on: Fri Dec 29 2023

So the original song here is by White Zombie. It sounds basically like you'd expect one of White Zombie's better tracks to sound. This cover is apparently by Sune Rose Wagner. Wagner is a Danish rocker and producer I'm entirely unfamiliar with. I'm not sure how he got involved in the soundtrack for Altered Carbon, or if this is an original for it.

In either case I really like how the cover plays with the ideas that are common to Rob Zombie's work while being very distinct from it. The horror-film piano opening is great, especially in-context with the show and it feels almost like the sort of choice Zombie might make (though with a lot more heavy sound) and the electronic distorted vocals are a particularly cyberpunk-esque touch on the type of less-distinguishable vocals that Zombie often uses.

I'm not a big White Zombie or Rob Zombie fan though he's a leader of his genre for sure. That type of music just isn't in my usual rotation. But this fits my tastes well.