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Toronto-based artist shows a more vulnerable side with a softer track

Artists: Päter

Album: Moonshine

Tags: pop | canadian | indie pop | ballad | indie rock | indie pop rock | pop rock | singer-songwriter

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Added on: Tue Jan 16 2024

I don't recall exactly when or how I stumbled on Päter's work, but I've been listening for a while and their work is excellent. Päter hops genres frequently, with a wide variety of musical sounds, though a tendency towards an indie pop rock sound. The song is in a slower mode here and this song seems to more along the lines of a sentimental ballad than any of her previous work.

The strong, emotional, vocals that grabbed my attention and the flip between simple--almost lullaby-like--and complex production, and then back again, holds that attention. I don't know if I want a ton of songs like this; it is a little sparse compared to her most of her work, which tends toward a higher density of sound that I like. In this song, that sparse darker feeling is her intention. On her site Päter notes:

"Everything has its opposite, and Moonshine is the underside to songs like Nicotine Hallelujah or Dam, Damn. It's when you’ve laughed it off and stayed in motion the best you can, but suddenly everything becomes heavy. I wanted to sit with that volatile stillness we all fall into sometimes."

With that in mind I think the track really accomplishes the effect it sets out for. Not only that, but I found that, even with the substantially different sound, this track really captured me and the artist manages to keep the vibe from going so dark as to turn me off. I'm glad to see Päter exploring their capabilities and including yet another genre in their repertoire.

This song is the latest single off her upcoming album, and the others are worth checking out as well. I'm looking forward to hearing the full album when it drops.