Clutterbug by Andreya Triana

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Clang pop, but smooth as soul.

Artists: Andreya Triana

Album: Giants

Tags: pop | clang pop | soul pop

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Added on: Tue Jan 09 2024

Andreya Triana has been showing up on my playlists more and more as of late.

Triana has a wide genre range, along with a gorgeous voice which fits well in all of them. A lot of her work overlaps with soul, R&B, pop and jazz. A few folks identify her as "soul pop". She has a bunch of tracks that fit well within a genre I call "clang pop" but this is the one that sits most firmly among other clang pop tracks. I'm not sure clang pop is a genre term anyone else uses, but I find it makes a good unifier for songs with pop inclinations who distinguish themselves with a strong use of percussion, bells, brassy sounds, chimes, and other more rhythm-section elements, along with non-standard electronic distortion-style sounds, all of which are in here. I tend to especially think of a song as clang pop when the rhythmic elements are used off the main beat in a way that gives the songs a little big of discord and disorder.

The off-beat pop sound has clearly worked for her as, if you don't live in the UK, there's a good chance you may have heard her work in a commercial or TV show, where they seem to get used frequently. It's attention grabbing music, so I can see why.

I enjoy the variety of Triana's work. At some point, according to Wikipedia, she seems to have been performing with the group Jungle, which is also a sort of pop/soul/something-else group and seems like a good fit. (I like their music quite a bit, but I'm seeing I've never had them on my obsessions list, something to fix soon.) I encourage checking her other work out and, if you like this sound, maybe look at some of the other clang pop songs I've selected in the past.