Chronon by Lotte Pen

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A neoclassical saxophone-focused track that draws you in to Lotte Pen's work.

Artists: Lotte Pen

Album: Chronon

Tags: neoclassical | ambient jazz | jazz | contemporary classical | experimental | saxophone | brainjazz

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Added on: Fri Jan 05 2024

When this song popped up on my Spotify daylist it caught my attention immediately. I queued up all of Lotte Pen's top tracks and then her first complete album. All of Pen's work is great and I recommend it, but I do think this is the one that is most likely to draw you in to her work.

Spotify classified her as neoclassical, and that's a good word for her work, but I pulled it into a genre I've seen called Brainjazz. Music in these works tend to combine pop and dance structures with jazz, electronic and classical sounds in some pretty interesting ways that often fall, in the way jazz can, outside of a hard structure. The genre is sort of porous, with intersection with "IDM" or "Intelligent Dance Music", neoclassical and progressive jazz.

Pen, who is based in the Netherlands, is a saxophonist and composer. She also does producing. A lot of her work leans into classical music and structures but almost all seem to include electronica-style sounds, and they're all bursting with energy and creativity. Start here and check out the rest of Pen's work.